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We've had incredibly cool people come through our doors over the years. Here are some who are still currently working in the dance industry. We love following their careers and journeys as they navigate through life after DDC.



Treyvin danced with DDC from age 8 to 18. He was invited to dance with Team Canada in Germany in 2016.  He moved to Vancouver after graduating High School and trained with ITP at Harbour Dance Centre. He now teaches there and has been in a few Netflix shows such as "Julie and The Phantoms" and also helped with Choreography with "The Order" on Netflix. 




Upon graduation in 2014 Chelsea moved to Vancouver BC where she lived her dancing dreams. She was accepted into The Dance Initiative, under director Geneen Georgiev. As well as Culturally Defined, directed under Kyle Vicente and Chris Wong where she trained and flourished for two years while developing her own unique style in all genres of dance. She then took her training and teaching to Edmonton, Alberta training under the many fabulous instructors at 3rd Street Beat. Some of her credits include: Placing 3rd at World of Dance Arizona in 2018 with Eye Candy Company, competing with 3rd Street Beats elite crew Straight Hood, and becoming a member of Edmonton Football Clubs 2020 Hype Team to name a few.  


Chelsea is now a certified ADAPT Jazz and Tap Instructor, Acrobatique Junior and Intermediate Instructor as well as a SugarFoot Therapy Instructor. She is also a certified International Dance Teaching Standards Instructor. She has a passion for foundational movement and injury prevention having a physio assistant background. Chelsea's focus in her classes all starts with a strong base, technique and foundation. Chelsea has taught in the lower mainland of BC, Northern Alberta and Central Alberta instructing hip hop, jazz and lyrical classes from ages 3 and up. 

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