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Ms. Kathy was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK. There she spent 18 years studying R.A.D. Ballet, C.D.T.A. Tap and C.D.T.A. Jazz with some of the best dance studios and dance teacher that Saskatoon has to offer. Kathy has had many opportunities to study and preform with The National Ballet of Canada and Alberta Ballet over the years. She has had many amazing experiences but her favourite moment is getting to work and preform with Bob McGrath from Sesame Street. When still in high school Kathy started teaching dance classes for the city of Saskatoon. Dance opened many doors for Kathy when it came to working in the entertainment world. She was published as a fitness model in Canadian Woman's magazine and a dancer in a TV commercial. Kathy attended Prairie West Regional College and received her Educational Diploma and started working for the Saskatoon Public School District.


After moving with her family the to northern BC she discovered the fantastics world of competitive gymnastics. Kathy spent 5 years coaching Level 2 WAG and Level 2 Trampoline.


Life then moved her family to Grande Prairie. There Kathy became a certified Acrobatic Art instructor. Since joining the amazing teaching staff, and students at Diverse Dance Company in 2018, Kathy has been teaching Acro, Ballet and Jazz.


Kathy is most inspired by dancers who are willing to share both their art and their love of dance with an audience. She believes that dance is a conversation that we can have with ourselves, with other dancers, and with our audience. Kathy’s goals remain the same “to help dancers grow and express their love of all types of movement”.

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