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What is the Division

The Division is an audition-only program for the dancer looking to take their training to the next level. For elite kids who want to pursue dance to see how far they can push themselves. It is a NO HIDDEN FEES program where you pay ONE price and EVERYTHING (apart from travel expenses) is included. This program does not replace our normal Competitive Program; it’s an extra add on for ages 9 to 19 to help kids become the best dancer they can be. It’s COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, but the amount of opportunities included for members of The Division are UNREAL! 


The Division includes:

  • Extra technique classes

  • Nuvo conventions in Calgary AND Vancouver

  • Extra group dances 

  • Guest Choreographers

  • Headshots and photoshoot by Martine Martell 

all of that INCLUDED in the price (apart from travel expenses). 



Contact us to book your dancer’s audition. 

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